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Point-Point Networks

We have been involved with testing and analyzing point-point fiber links for over three decades with many different customers around the world. We have accumulated a wealth of fiber characterization experience working with Enterprise, Mobile, Utility, Mining, and Military customers, including traditional Telecom and CaTV operators. 



Get more from your valuable field results

High fiber count cables have been used in long haul, point-point networks for years, however demand for even higher fiber counts and cable density is being driven by data centers and metro backbone applications to support mobile networks, especially 5G.


Field portable OTDRs are not designed or optimized to analyze and compile reports containing large numbers of sor files or traces - this also applies to loss, CD and PMD measurements. For this reason, most installers have to depend on separate back-office resources and software to conduct the post-processing of multiple trace files.


Batch Editing

OTDR traces obtained from field technicians usually require additional processing before any reporting operation can occur – this is certainly true when the cable consists of multiple fibers and each fiber has fairly similar properties which can be confusing. We use powerful software that automates repetitive operations resulting in faster and more reliable documentation.


Batch Analysis

Reviewing hundreds of OTDR trace files can take a lot of time especially when each fiber has been characterized at multiple pulse widths and/or wavelengths. We filter the trace files based on different properties before applying Pass/Fail thresholds and running the analysis. This speeds up the analysis process considerably and also reduces the risk of result misinterpretation.

Batch Reporting

Using pre-defined report templates with customer logo and company contact details, we accelerate the validation and reporting process. End customers rarely want to see the results of each individual fiber in detail – rather they prefer to see a batch report that outlines the overall length and loss of each fiber based on industry or user-defined thresholds.

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