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Marketing and Literature Services


Good marketing materials are an invaluable asset when creating a good company impression and for generating sales leads. Soft or hard copy printed materials are often the first interaction customers have with your business - poor quality literature usually projects a poor company image, so any prospective client automatically assumes your products and services fall in the same category.


We thoroughly research fiber optic subject matter relevant to your product or services and generate technical content for various types marketing initiatives and sales materials.  

Product Brochures

Every company needs a quality brochure that outlines the major features of their product including the applications it addresses. Many times, you only have a couple of minutes to engage with customers to introduce your product, so a good digital (soft) or hardcopy document opens the door for you to have a more in-depth conversation with them later.

We prepare brochures filled with high quality information, so your clients feel completely informed and confident as they evaluate the product and embark on their purchasing journey.

Product Data Sheets

Companies often find it difficult to communicate their product’s features to potential customers in a concise, effective way. Detailed data sheets or short-form flyers ensures clients receive accurate information enabling them to make informed decisions when evaluating your product.

We study your fiber product in detail and compile technical content that summarizes the specifications in an easy-to-follow format.



Webinars are a proven digital marketing tool to increase interactions with customers and for stimulating sales activities. During the COVID pandemic, many businesses had to rely on webinars to attract new customers, promote products, and maintain brand awareness. Webinars also proved to be a wonderful online tool to educate and provide support to those customers who had already bought products but were forced to work from home.


Webinars are often designed to reach a wide audience, so it is very important that the content be accurate and informative. We compile factual and interactive presentation material to ensure your next fiber optic webinar is flawless.

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