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Industries we Serve

Telecom, Mobile, Utility and Cable Providers are upgrading their networks to optical fiber to support the bandwidth requirements of new residential and business services - We proudly serve each industry ! 

Our Fiber Focus

Historic levels of investment are being made in 5G networks including rural broadband infrastructure to address the Digital Divide, fueling demand for more fiber and related services. Leverage our expertise to get the job done in whatever network type you are deploying. 

FTTx Networks

FTTx is a key component of next-generation access networks. Applications such as HDTV, 5G, IoT, smart cities and more already depend on FTTx infrastructure to reach customers. If you require expert opinion validating your ODN we can help.

CWDM/DWDM Networks

WDM technology increases the bandwidth of fiber-optic cables. Evaluating fiber performance for coarse or dense WDM transmission requires a more advanced test approach. We are well versed in the test equipment and analysis methodologies needed to verify your xWDM network.

Point-Point Networks

Point-point fibers link two physical locations using a dedicated fiber. Links use multimode or singlemode fiber and can vary from a few meters to several hundred kilometers or much more depending on application. We have many years of experience testing and analyzing P-P fibers.

Hyperscale Networks

Hyperscale and cloud-based data centers are the critical foundation of our digital lives. Fibers interconnect servers, switches, and data centers together and form part of subsea cables linking continents. As high speed data keeps pushing the fiber limits for performance and capacity, precise testing and documenting each fiber link is extremely important.

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